TOCW SDK – Tool for secure off-chain computation

Extended blockchain utility through trusted off-chain workers (TOCW)

The utility of a blockchain can be significantly enhanced if it is extended to allow secure off-chain computation. This can increase the available computing power, enable confidentiality, and facilitate applications that balance high performance with cost efficiency.

Our SDK allows developers to set up TOCWs, which can execute a custom state transition function or other operations inside a trusted execution environment (TEE). This enables many operations to be efficiently and confidentially handled off chain without requiring verification on chain.


Why deploy TOCWs with Integritee’s SDK?

Privacy by design

By enabling confidential data processing within TEEs, our solution protects sensitive data and ensures compliance with privacy regulations like the GDPR.

Verifiable integrity

The integrity of the data and processes running within TEEs is verified and publicly registered on our parachain, fostering transparency and user trust.

Highly flexible and customizable

TOCWs can be customized to serve a variety of use cases, since they can run essentially any operation that does not need to be executed within a block.

Cost efficiency

Computations that are expensive and which do not need to be executed within a block can be handled off chain, leading to lower overall fees.

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Secure, efficient and confidential off-chain computing

State transitions executed by TOCWs are triggered through an on-chain extrinsic with an encrypted payload, a process which is called indirect invocation. This means that trusted calls need to pass through the chain, which makes TOCWs less scalable than sidechains. Other than that, TOCWs provide similar advantages to sidechains at a lower complexity. Thus, TOCWs are a great option for confidential processes that do not need to be executed within a block.

Use cases

TOCWs could be used as part of a hybrid exchange design that combines the speed of acentralized exchange with the trust and control of a decentralized exchange (DEX). All balances are managed in a TEE, which prevents any third party from accessing a trader’s digital assets. The order matching engine is kept off chain, reducing the risk of front-running by other market participants. Other use cases are operations that are required to interact with other networks, such as bridges to other blockchains or trusted oracles (the connection between blockchain and Web2 data). Our trusted oracle framework (TEEracle) is a specific use case of a TOCW.

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