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Empowering a new generation of blockchain-based solutions

Decentralized applications are powerful, but often fall short when it comes to speed, scalability, and confidentiality. Integritee's Sidechain SDK enables you to overcome these challenges and build high-performance blockchain apps and services in the form of sidechains.

It is ideal for building any Substrate-based blockchain service that requires low latency, scalability, and confidentiality. You can use it to develop a new service from scratch, or add it to an existing Substrate project. Take advantage of sub-second block production times, a combined 1 million transactions per second, and advanced privacy features.


Why develop sidechains with Integritee's SDK?

Unrivalled speed at scale

Our shardable second-layer sidechains deliver unrivalled transaction speeds and volumes at sub-second block production times.

Privacy by design

By using TEEs to enable confidential state transitions, our solution protects sensitive data and helps to ensure compliance with privacy regulations like the GDPR.

Verifiable integrity

Users can verify that their data has been processed in a genuine TEE through public records on our parachain, fostering transparency and trust.

Flexible deployment

You are free to run TEEs on own suitable hardware or rent it at standard market rates. For example, from our subsidiary Securitee — contact us for more information.

Low fees

Fees for sidechain interactions with our parachain are charged in TEER, our native cryptocurrency token. Each transaction costs only a few cents and fees are maintained at a stable USD price to ensure predictable costs.

Independent economic model

Every sidechain operator can determine the fees for their services and medium of exchange independently from Integritee.

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Developer-friendly, fast and flexible

Integritee sidechain SDK

Leverage our SDK to build a scalable blockchain service quickly, optimize it for any use case, and add privacy features to determine which information to keep confidential and which to make public. With just a few lines of glue code, you can import any Substrate pallet into an Integritee sidechain and reap the performance and confidentiality benefits.

The SDK is written in Rust, compatible with the Substrate API client, and builds upon the Apache Teaclave Rust-SDK. SGX runtime is the TEE equivalent of Substrate’s runtime concept. If you are somewhat familiar with Substrate, you will quickly feel comfortable with Integritee’s SDK.

The Integritee parachain is written in pure Substrate.

Integritee sidechain SDK description

Powering data services that users can trust

Integritee’s sidechain validators operate within TEEs — secure, encrypted hardware enclaves within a computer’s processor which are isolated from the rest of the operating system. This enables confidential state transition functions while greatly reducing the complexity of the consensus protocol. In addition, each validator running in a TEE publishes a public, cryptographic proof to our Kusama parachain that confirms that the TEE is genuine and the code unaltered. This builds user trust by allowing anyone to verify that their data has been processed only according to pre-agreed conditions in a private and secure hardware environment.

Use cases

Our shardable second-layer sidechains are an excellent fit for multiple use cases. For instance, metaverse projects and decentralized gaming providers leverage sidechains’ sub-second block production times (low latencies) and their independent scalability, of around 2,000 transactions per sidechain, as well as confidentiality, to offer high-quality virtual world and decentralized gaming experiences. Another exemplary use case is decentralized identity (DID). DID providers use our technology to ensure the privacy, anonymity and sovereignty of their users’ sensitive data. Integritee sidechains can be used to securely and confidentially store identity-linking information without opening up new security and privacy attack fields.

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