We’re playing Santa!

December 24, 2021

It’s time to inject a little seasonal cheer into the Integritee crowdloan campaign on Kusama. Over the Christmas weekend, every KSM contribution will receive a massive five times the base TEER rewards.

To be specific: every 1KSM bonded to our campaign for a Kusama parachain will earn 50 TEER. That applies to contributions made between 0:00 GMT on December 24 and 23:59 on December 26, and only for the first 5,000 KSM.

If you’re not fast enough to scoop that festive bonus, you can still get a juicy 20 TEER per 1KSM, until we hit 20,000KSM. After that threshold we will issue the set base reward of 10 TEER per KSM. There are also loyalty and referral bonuses on offer, so your TEER could really multiply.

Remember, in bonding your KSM, you never give up custody of your tokens – it’s a risk-free loan. In return, you get TEER rewards, which will give you access to our privacy-preserving data services as well as being a tradable asset – and the warm glow of knowing you’re helping to build the decentralized web. Now that’s the season of goodwill.


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