TEER rewards for our video stars

February 28, 2022
  • In March, let’s get visual!
  • We’re offering three 20 TEER prizes every week
  • Plus 30 TEER for the month’s best video

Two months into our content competition, we’ve had awesome infographics, compelling written content, and now we are asking our community for lively videos to convince our audience of what Integritee can do (and why they should care). Sometimes, there’s no better way to make a point than by simply saying it out loud. So if video is your preferred medium, read on.

Throughout March, our content competition will be focused on video – any kind of video. Whether it’s a snappy meme, a thoughtful chat to camera, or an explanatory animation is up to you. We’re not setting any limits, though as a general rule shorter is better (think one to two minutes). Make it funny or serious, polished or lo-fi, just make it convincing and comprehensible.

Remember, the goal here is to communicate why we’re passionate about our TEE-based privacy-preserving data solutions. You can pick a topical angle, or get technical – your choice. There are plenty of possibilities!

How it works

  1. Create a video, in any style and on any topic, to convey the Integritee advantage.
  2. Publish it on a public platform (such as YouTube or TikTok).
  3. Share it on the official Integritee Telegram channel, tagging Flavia Spera.
  4. We’ll announce three winners every week, each of whom will receive a 20 TEER prize, and the community will vote at month’s end for the overall winner of another 30 TEER.
  5. Holders of our Early Supporter NFT can earn a 50% bonus on top of any prizes!

Keep an eye on Twitter and the Telegram channel for more news, and to see the great content shared by our community.


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