Significantly Higher Fixed TEER Rewards for Latest Kusama Crowdloan Campaign

January 4, 2022

Back Integritee’s latest crowdloan to benefit from higher Fixed TEER Rewards: receive 40 TEER for every KSM you bond.

We are proud of our community and the previous round of parachain auctions demonstrated that Integritee has broad support, ranking among the top projects in terms of total contributors. Unfortunately, however, this was not ultimately enough to secure a slot, with a smaller number of larger contributors tilting the balance in favour of other projects.    

Over the festive period, we reached out widely within the community to hear your views. After carefully considering your feedback, we have adopted a bold strategy for our 5th Kusama crowdloan campaign covering the lease periods 19-26 starting on Tuesday, January 4th at 8:00 GMT.

Higher Fixed TEER Rewards

A huge number of you told us that you wanted to see higher fixed rewards for each KSM you bond, and some suggested lowering the overall campaign cap to make it happen. In addition, many of you stated that the focus should be on core rewards rather than other incentives and special events.

We heard you — in response to your suggestions, we are offering fixed rewards of 40 TEER per KSM to backers who support our latest campaign. But act fast because there is a hard cap of 20,000 KSM for overall contributions and once it's filled, it’s filled.

With these changes, we are firmly putting the emphasis on core TEER rewards that will be distributed to our backers at a fixed and transparent ratio. There will be no additional time-based incentives or special events announced during the campaign, so what you see now is what you will get.

In addition, having listened to your feedback, we have eliminated the minimum threshold for Guaranteed Rewards to become active. This means that regardless of how much KSM is raised during the campaign, all backers will receive TEER rewards, even if we don’t win an auction.    

So without further ado, please find a breakdown of the new rewards structure below:

By significantly increasing fixed rewards to 40 TEER per KSM while maintaining other incentives such as the Early Supporter Bonus and loyalty program, our crowdloan supporters are given an attractive and transparent incentive to back us in the latest batch of auctions. It is a bold move, but having listened to your feedback, we are confident that it will pay off. Don’t miss your chance to participate, helping to shape the future of Web3, and earning TEER in the process!

To back Integritee, visit our dedicated crowdloan page and follow us on Telegram or Twitter for all the latest updates.  


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