Welcome aboard Joe!

July 2, 2021

We are very pleased to announce that Joe Petrowski has joined our team as an advisor, where he will be helping to shape Integritee’s launch strategy, governance approach, educational content and ecosystem development.  

From helping to launch satellites into the earth’s exosphere, to launching new ideas into the cryptosphere, Joe has taken an unusual journey to blockchain.

As Technical Integrations Lead at Web3 Foundation, he helps third-party firms adopt Polkadot and develop new parachain features. An ardent advocate of the decentralized web who has been working in blockchain since 2016, Joe has written extensively on topics ranging from governance models and consensus to net neutrality. In addition, he is the host of Relay Chain, a podcast dedicated to Substrate, Polkadot and Web3.  

Prior to working in the blockchain space, Joe trained as an aeronautical engineer and was responsible for analysing shock and vibration for satellite launches. Exhibiting a strong independent streak both intellectually and in life, he also competed for three years as a professional cyclist in Europe.

If you want your project to go stratospheric, you need to call in a launch expert, and we did just that. Welcome aboard Joe!


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