New, Fixed TEER Reward for Each KSM Bonded in Upcoming Kusama Auctions

December 7, 2021

For the first time, backers will receive a fixed amount of TEER for each KSM they bond: 10 TEER per KSM

In the six months since we first launched our Kusama crowdloan campaign in June, Integritee has made progress on numerous fronts, which culminated in recent weeks. Last month, we successfully launched our mainnet and completed our token generation event (TGE), while last week, we concluded two tremendously successful token sales and a TEER listing on

After carefully considering the feedback we have received from crowdloan backers during previous Kusama auctions — and given that TEER is now a tradable asset — we will amend the rewards offered for the new crowdloan campaign, bidding for lease periods 18–25 (Jan 10th to December 2022).

The most important change is that we will offer backers a fixed amount of TEER tokens for every KSM they bond in support of Integritee, 10 TEER per KSM. This fixed reward ratio will make it easier for crowdloan supporters to estimate the value of their TEER rewards, without needing to know the total amount of KSM that will be staked during the campaign by all contributors.

Given that overview, here is a breakdown of all the rewards on offer as of lease period 18:

All TEER rewards except guaranteed rewards are subject to linear vesting over the 48 weeks of lease periods 18-25.

Having consulted widely within the community, we are confident that this balance of both predictable and variable rewards offers a compelling incentive for our backers for the upcoming Kusama auctions. To learn more about how to back Integritee in the upcoming Kusama auctions, visit our dedicated crowdloan page and follow us on Telegram or Twitter for the latest updates.


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