It's quiz time!

February 17, 2022

How well do you understand Integritee? Play teacher’s pet in our social classrooms and win TEER prizes.

So you think you’re an Integritee buff. You share our passion for the decentralized web, and our conviction that Web3 services need to do better than Web2 to protect user data. You understand how blockchain can by its nature boost security — and how it can’t. You know that trusted execution environments can close that gap, and why Polkadot is the perfect platform for our scalable, flexible solution. You’re excited to be part of the pioneering supporter base that’s making it all happen.

Yes, you know our technology, but do you know our technology? You’re part of the community, but are you our core community?

Only one way to find out! We’re launching a social media game, giving you the chance to show off (just a little bit) and win prizes. 🔍 Every week we’ll post a question on one of our four channels — Discord, Twitter, Telegram or Reddit — and give you 48 hours to answer. After the deadline, we’ll award 20 TEER to the best answer (or, if it’s a simpler one, to the first correct answer). And since we are talking about our core community: in order to participate and get a chance to be rewarded with TEER for your answer — it is required to follow us on the channel mentioned above.

How do you know which channel will pose the question in a given week? You don’t. That’s part of the game. But if you’re there, you’ll know. Are you up for the challenge?


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