It’s nearly TEER time… want some?

As the TEER token launch approaches, we want to show our appreciation to the community. We have set aside 2,000 TEER for a giveaway — that’s 50 TEER each for 40 winners — ahead of our IEO and token sale. Maybe some of that is for you!

Here's how to enter. There are six different ways to be included in the random draw, but with a twist: it's weighted according to your level of engagement. So while doing any one of these things is enough to earn a chance, the more you do, the more entries you get.  

Fill out this form to participate in the draw. The number of entries you receive will be based on the following criteria, so make sure to fill in as many fields as you can:

  • Are you a member of the Integritee Official Telegram group? (Worth 1 entry)
  • Do you follow Integritee on Twitter? (Worth 1 entry)
  • Have you retweeted Integritee posts at least 3 times? (Worth 2 entries)
  • Did you receive the Integritee Supporter NFT? (Worth 2 entries)
  • Did you participate in either of our Kusama crowdloan campaigns? (Worth 1 entry per crowdloan - max 2 entries)
  • Do you know the early supporter secret code? The secret code will be released in three parts on our official Twitter and Telegram channels this week, so keep an eye out. (Worth 2 entries)
  • Did you meet all 6 criteria above? (Worth 5 bonus entries)

The entries are cumulative, so that makes a total of 15 possible entries per supporter. Be sure to join our social channels to maximize your chances and enter the details into the form by November 26, 12:00 GMT! The winner will be announced on the same day.


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