Integritee Tokenomics Paper Released!

July 8, 2021

Today we released our tokenomics paper, which lays out how the Integritee platform will operate. When designing the tokenomics of Integritee, the goal was to provide all participants with the right incentives to foster a rich and sustainable ecosystem that will adapt and thrive in the long term.

The paper explains the function and value of the TEER token, how we will reward supporters of our Kusama slot auction bids, and how the Integritee platform will be governed. Here are 3 highlights at a glance:

  • The TEER token will be the fuel that drives the Integritee platform — a common token across both our Kusama and Polkadot parachains. Integritee users will require TEER to pay for our services. Given the growing consumer and regulatory pressure for data services that protect user privacy, technologies like Integritee are rapidly becoming essential for firms. The token paper explains how the value of TEER is directly linked to our core competitive advantage and how other features of the economic system, such as the burn mechanism and lockdrop, are designed to drive long-term growth in TEER value.    

  • We will be bidding in the Kusama parachain slot auctions. In order to aid our bids, we will be rewarding holders of KSM with TEER if they support Integritee by bonding some of their holdings.

  • All TEER holders can shape the future of decentralized confidential computing by exercising their voting rights on the decentralized Integritee platform. TEER holders will elect the members of the Governing Council and can propose changes to the Integritee ecosystem.

We are committed to decentralizing the Integritee parachain as quickly as is practically feasible. For this reason, the TEER token will be distributed widely on centralized and decentralized exchanges and we at Integritee AG will not remain a major token holder for long.  

For full details about the TEER token and the tokenomics of the Integritee platform, download the complete paper here.


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