Competition: Write for us and win TEER rewards

January 27, 2022

Competition: Write for us and win TEER rewards

  • It’s time for the storytellers to shine.
  • 3 prizes of 20 TEER up for grabs every week in February.
  • Win up to 50 TEER for the best article…
  • Or even more if you’re an NFT holder!

Did you see the great entries in January’s infographic competition on Telegram? We asked our community to create educational, informative graphics and you really rose to the occasion, with polished and clear designs in the spirit of Integritee. Now it’s time to see what the wordsmiths among you can do.

Great writing really helps to get our mission across — whether through explaining an aspect of our tech, or proposing a use case, or bringing the need for data privacy home with examples from the news. As a member of the Integritee community, you share our conviction that the world needs a better, more privacy-focused approach to data services, and you understand how our platform can deliver that. But how would you convince someone new to the conversation?

That’s the challenge facing you in February: write an article to win over new audiences. The angle and tone are up to you. After all, there are many ways to tell our story. What matters is that you find a way to make the reader believe in Integritee’s mission, and help the network grow. In return, we’re offering generous TEER prizes.

How it works

  1. Write your piece — you are free to choose the topic and structure, just focus on the goal: to educate and inform. Please keep it under 1,000 words (shorter pieces are equally welcome).
  2. Publish it on a public forum, such as Medium or LinkedIn, and share the link on the official Integritee Telegram channel, tagging Flavia Spera.
  3. Watch out for the weekly winners — three entries every week will be awarded 20 TEER, with another 30 TEER at month’s end for the community’s favorite effort.
  4. And if you’re a holder of our Early Supporter NFT, you’ll get a 50% bonus on top of any prizes!

You’ll see all news on the competition, as well as other Integritee news, on Twitter as well as the Telegram channel. Stay updated and stay in touch for more community activity, and keep the Integritee flag flying!


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