Competition: Create an Integritee Infographic and Win TEER Prizes

January 6, 2022
  • Rewarding the community for creating informative and engaging infographics.
  • 3 prizes of 20 TEER up for grabs every week in January.
  • An additional 30 TEER bonus prize at the end of the month for the best contributor.

At Integritee, we are convinced that we have a powerful and timely vision: to combine blockchain and trusted execution environments (TEEs) to power a new generation of Web 3 services. But we know that in the Web3 space you can have a great idea, and you can have great tech, but it means nothing unless you have a passionate and engaged community.

Our community is the driving force behind expanding awareness of Integritee, telling the world why we need a new approach to data-driven services, and explaining how our network offers a genuine alternative. By finding innovative ways to tell our story, we can expand our user base of early adopters and grow the value and utility of the network for everyone’s benefit.

In acknowledgement of the invaluable role community members like you play as educators and role models, we are launching an initiative to reward your efforts. Each month, the Integritee Content Competition will reward creators who create content like articles, videos, explainers or infographics that enrich and engage our community.

In January, we will be focusing on infographics. Have an eye for graphics and design? Here’s your chance to harness your talent and win some TEER tokens! Here’s how it works:

Admissible Content

We do not want to restrict your creativity, but this could be any graphic representation of different aspects of Integritee such as its use cases, technical characteristics, or tokenomics.

How to Enter
To enter the competition, simply create your infographic, post it to the official Integritee Telegram channel, and tag Flavia Spera.

Prizes and Winners
Each week in January, the creators of the 3 best and most engaging infographics will win 20 TEER each. Winners will be selected by the Integritee team. At the end of the month, all weekly winners will be put up for a community vote and the winner will receive a further 30 TEER.

Bonus for NFT Holders: If you are an Integritee NFT holder, you will receive a 50% bonus reward on any winnings.

Now that you have all the details, let your creativity shine — we look forward to reviewing your entries! But if graphics is not your thing and you are better with words, stay tuned next month when we will be rewarding creators who write informative and engaging articles about Integritee. To stay up to date about our content competitions and all other Integritee community activities, follow us on Telegram or Twitter.


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