Celebrating and Rewarding Our Community

November 26, 2021

The Integritee mainnet is now live, our token generation event (TGE) is complete, and our token sale and listing are just around the corner. It’s been a busy period, and we are always looking for new ways to engage and give back to our community. In this post, we would like to provide a quick recap on our recent community rewards and activities.

Guaranteed Rewards

In September, we announced that we would be offering guaranteed rewards to crowdloan contributors who supported us during our first Kusama crowdloan campaign.

As we exceeded our 10,000 KSM target, with 13,886 KSM bonded in total during the first campaign, 20,000 TEER will be distributed to backers. Our second crowdloan campaign has hit the target of 20,000 KSM as well, so another 20,000 TEER will be be distributed. These rewards are weighted in favour of backers who supported Integritee early, so the more a supporter contributed, and the earlier they made the contribution, the more TEER rewards they will be entitled to. You can find a more detailed explanation and example of the calculation process here.

DISTRIBUTION: Guaranteed Rewards will be distributed on 26.11.2021 to crowdloan supporters who backed Integritee during the second batch of Kusama auctions 6–11 from 01.09.2021–13.10.2021. The remainder will be distributed on 29.11.2021 for those who backed us during the third batch of auctions 12–15 from 25.10.2021–22.11.2021.

A Non-Fungible Token of Our Appreciation

The Integritee Early Supporter NFT was designed to recognize and celebrate our early backers who foresaw the true potential of privacy-preserving services on Web3. Supporters who contributed at least 0.1 KSM, followed our social channels, and filled out a short form were eligible to receive the NFT, which was distributed on November 17.

Celebrating Our Most Engaged Community Members

In October, following on from our first Kusama crowdloan campaign, we wanted to give a special thank you to our most engaged community members on Telegram. In gratitude to the 10 most active supporters on the platform, we distributed 55 TEER — from 10 TEER for our most vocal cheerleader down to 1 TEER for the user in 10th place. See our top 3 community members below:

1. Benjy (@benjaimess) — 10 TEER

2. Am Ir (@ouusssss) — 9 TEER

3. DP79S (@darpan79s) — 8 TEER

Integritee Mascot Competition

From fluffy pandas to a Shiba Inu dog, the crypto world loves mascots and now Integritee is no exception. In October, we announced a design competition to find Integritee a new mascot for our community channels. $800 in prizes were up for grabs, with the winner receiving $500, and two runners up receiving $200 and $100 respectively. Check out the winning entry below submitted by Liliana Kalieva.

Fortune Favors the Brave

This month, we conducted 3 lotteries for crowdloan backers who supported us on 3 specific dates. A total of 4,500 TEER tokens were distributed to the winners. For each lottery event, one lucky winner came away with the main prize of 1,000 TEER, while 5 runners up won 100 TEER each.

The Integritee AMA Quiz

This Today at 6pm GMT, our Co-Founder & CEO Waldemar Scherer held an AMA in our official Telegram group. As part of the event, he quizzed community members on their knowledge of the Integritee project and the underlying tech. The questions weren’t easy, there are 20 lucky and knowledgable winners to share the pot of 200 TEER.

The Integritee TEER Giveaway

On Monday, to celebrate the launch of our mainnet and upcoming token sale and listing, we decided to reward some of our most engaged community members with a total of 2,000 TEER tokens. The prizes are intended to reward community members who are particularly engaged in the Integritee project on social media and previously backed our crowdloan campaign. A total of 40 winners will earn 50 TEER each, with the results to be announced today on Friday, November 26.

The distribution of all the reward tokens is intended to be completed by 30.11.2021.

We would like to sincerely thank the entire community for their passion and belief in the Integritee project. To keep up to date on our progress and all future community initiatives and rewards programs, make sure to follow us on our official Twitter and Telegram channels.


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