Teeracle – Trusted oracle framework

Secure gateway to external data for any Web3 application

From gaming, to insurance and DeFi – many Web3 use cases require access to external data from the real world or Web2 APIs. But how can this data be retrieved in an efficient and secure way? Teeracle is a customizable framework to easily build trusted and secure oracles to bridge the gap between Web2 data sources and Web3 systems.


Why use Integritee’s Teeracle framework?

Secure and trustworthy by design

Running the oracle within a TEE ensures that the service code is processed in a secure environment.

Verifiable integrity

The integrity of the oracle service running within the TEE is verified and registered on our parachain, fostering transparency and user trust.

High performance

Oracles built with Teeracle can handle queries at very high transaction speeds compared to other oracle providers without compromising on security and trust.

Superior interoperability

Oracle services built with Teeracle can provide information to any light-client capable blockchain – either via Integritee or direct integration.

Highly flexible and customizable

Teeracle enables custom oracle jobs – choose your preferred data source, content, data type and schedule (frequency and duration).

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TEEracle framework

Secure and trusted oracle services

Using the Teeracle framework, the oracle service is instantiated within TEEs - secure, encrypted hardware enclaves within a computer’s processor which are isolated from the rest of the operating system. A TEE provides assurance that both the oracle service code and all retrieved data are secure and unaltered. The integrity of the TEE and code executed within it (in this case, the oracle service) can regularly be verified on our decentralized network through a cryptographic proof, a service called remote attestation. By deploying the oracle service in a TEE and verifying its integrity, we can offer the security of a decentralized oracle and match the efficiency of a centralized provider.

Flexible and efficient data retrieval

Teeracle allows timestamped API data to be efficiently accessed by any light-client capable blockchain via customizable queries according to your specific needs:

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Custom data requests: The source, content, and type of data can be customized.

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Custom schedule: The frequency and duration of the queries can be adjusted.

You can start building your own trusted oracle seamlessly with Teeracle or request a pre-built, ready-to-use oracle service for your specific needs directly from us.

Use cases

Teeracle is relevant to everyone running a dapp that needs information from a Web2 source. For example, consider a flight delay insurance dapp. For the smart contract to function, Web2 information about delays is required and must be transmitted to the blockchain so that claims can be evaluated. The dapp provider can use Teeracle to execute custom queries and retrieve data for a specific flight according to the smart contract logic.

Another example is the exchange rate oracle on our parachain, which monitors the price of Integritee’s utility token, TEER, relative to USD – you can view the information registered on our parachain here.

Secure infrastructure

Using TEEracle requires nodes that support Intel Software Guard Extension (SGX) technology. In other words, a special server type is needed to run the oracle service. Via our subsidiary Securitee, we offer the required secure infrastructure. Reach out to us and obtain more information about our secure infrastructure offering and prices.

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