Integritee provides insight without access to sensitive data.

Developers and enterprise clients need a way to analyse sensitive business or client data without compromising on privacy. We have the solution.
Why we’re here

Verifiable privacy at scale

Businesses need a robust way to ensure regulatory compliance and consumers want verifiable proof that their data is being handled appropriately.

What’s more, they want to be free from the walled gardens and fragmentation of current blockchain architectures.
Here are 3 types of use cases where Integritee excels:

Privacy by design

Integritee enables individual developers or firms to create platforms that reap the benefits of consumer data, without compromising on privacy or running the risk of harmful data leaks.

Cooperative competition

Integritee allows enterprises with overlapping interests to selectively collaborate on data, without ceding control of sensitive business information to potential competitors.

Path to Polkadot

Integritee will provide third-party developers with a highly scalable, second-layer Polkadot sidechain that is interoperable with any web2 or web3 system and can securely process sensitive data.

What we do

Powering data-driven services where privacy comes as standard

Integritee enables firms and developers to build broader, fairer, and more secure data platforms.

It is a hardware-enabled confidential computing solution that provides a trustworthy and adaptable alternative to centralized data-driven products and services.


Firms or consumers can process data in pre-agreed ways through open-source code, without anyone having access to the underlying dataset. The integrity of such computations is publicly auditable. This enables compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and fosters consumer trust.


Integritee is not just interoperable with all other projects on the Polkadot network, it can interface with any light-client capable blockchain or web2 API.

Easy To Adopt

Integritee can be easily adopted by both blockchain developers and enterprise clients. Third-party developers gain access to a highly interoperable Polkadot sidechain, while enterprise clients benefit from familiar processes, documentation and billing procedures.


The trust of Polkadot + the power of TEEs = Integritee

Integritee provides insight without access to sensitive data.

All sensitive data is stored securely, separately and encrypted. It can only be processed in an isolated, trusted execution environment which is accessible to no one, not even a system administrator with physical access to the device. This enables multiple firms or consumers to query or process data in pre-agreed ways, without having direct access to the underlying dataset. Now you don’t have to choose between smart and safe. Integritee gives you both, unlocking all the benefits of data-driven platforms, in a secure, decentralized ecosystem.

Integritee's solution has already been successfully deployed on Kusama as a Parachain and soon on Polkadot.


The public blockchain: The Polkadot Network

Polkadot is a scalable and secure protocol that serves as the foundation for an interoperable network of blockchains. Created by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood and developed by the Web3 Foundation, the network has one, huge ambition: to provide the basis for Web 3.0 — a new, fully decentralized internet. On Polkadot, any type of data can be exchanged between any type of blockchains on the network. Interaction with external protocols like Ethereum is also possible, unlocking a wide range of use cases. One of Polkadot’s key benefits is that it provides strength in numbers by enabling many blockchain networks to pool their security resources. For Integritee, the polkadot network will provide public auditability.


The enterprise hardware: Trusted Execution Environment (TEEs)

A trusted execution environment (TEE) is an isolated area within a computer processor that runs separately from the standard OS. Any data processed within a TEE is accessible to no one, not even the admin. In order to trust that a remote party runs the agreed process in a genuine TEE, remote attestation using a digital signature from the TEE manufacturer is required. Integritee will use its Polkadot parachain to verify remote attestation. This will provide all users with assurance that their data can only be processed in pre-agreed ways in an isolated and trustworthy hardware environment. By combining the auditability of Polkadot with the confidentiality and speed of TEEs, Integritee delivers verifiable privacy at scale.

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