Insight without access to sensitive data

The growing focus on data privacy by consumers and regulators globally poses both market opportunities and technical challenges for businesses.

Smart or safe? Why choose?

As evidenced by the rapid rise of privacy apps like Signal and Threema, firms that embrace privacy-preserving technologies stand to benefit from a clear market opportunity.

But consumers also expect the speed, user-friendliness and convenience of centralized data-driven services. Meanwhile, for businesses in a wide range of sectors — from healthcare and decentralized finance to supply chain management — processing some sensitive data is simply unavoidable. Integritee enables firms to process potentially sensitive data in pre-agreed ways, while protecting the privacy of consumers.

Now you don’t have to choose between smart and safe. Integritee gives you both.


Power, privacy and trust

Integritee combines the power of enterprise hardware with the trust of blockchain. We are razor-focused on providing enterprise clients with the standard of service and support they need to solve real-world problems.

Enterprise ready

Benefit from easy integration with existing systems and a dependable SLA at predictable cost.

Flexible deployment

Run Integritee on your own hardware in a jurisdiction of your choice, or rent it at standard market rates.

Unrivalled speed at scale

Our shardable second-layer sidechains deliver unrivalled transaction speeds and volumes.


Aids compliance with privacy laws like GDPR.


Integritee can interface with any light-client capable blockchain or web2 API.

More than a protocol

Integritee can provide you with on-site advice and support.

Discover how Integritee can unchain the value of sensitive data for your business!

A new generation of data-driven services

Health and Wearables

Wearable and connected devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers and connected weighing scales have been a big growth sector in recent years. This upward trend is projected to continue. The shipment volume of connected wearable devices globally is projected to almost triple from 266 million units in 2020 to 776 million units in 2026. This is a highly competitive market with tech giants like Apple and Samsung joined by watch manufacturers and fashion brands seeking to diversify such as Casio, Fossil and Emporio Armani.  Such devices rely on data-driven apps that enable users to upload their personal metrics, share their running routes, and compare their progress to the average for users of a similar age, weight, etc.

The Challenge:
  • To achieve greater market penetration, consumers need reassurance that their health, location and other personal data will be securely managed.

    Challenger manufacturers need more data to compete with the biggest players. They could pool data insights with similar-sized firms, but this could potentially breach privacy laws and/or reveal sensitive business information to competitors.

The Solution:
  • Cooperative competition: Integritee can enable groups of manufacturers to engage in cooperative competition by pooling data insights. No participant has direct access to the underlying dataset, and all data can only be processed in pre-agreed ways.

    Trust by design: The Polkadot network would provide public auditability so that users can verify that no personally identifiable data is revealed to the device manufacturer or any third party.

Discover how Integritee can unchain the value of sensitive data for your business!

More Secure Digital Asset Exchanges

The majority of digital asset transactions currently take place through centralized digital asset exchanges. While they are fast and cost efficient, the trader risks losing all deposited tokens in the case of hacking or fraud. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have seen rapid growth recently, which enable users to trade without a centralized intermediary and retain custody of their digital assets. However, these benefits come at the cost of high fees at times of peak demand, and latency of at least a few seconds.

The Challenge:
  • Centralized exchanges are fast and cost efficient but vulnerable to security breaches. Ultimately, the trader needs to trust the exchange owner.

    Decentralized exchanges tend to lack scalability, which leads to volatile costs and slower transaction times.

    Decentralized exchanges suffer from front-running because bids are transparent and can be arbitrarily ordered by a validator.

The Solution:
  • Best of both worlds: Integritee enables a hybrid exchange design that combines the speed of a centralized exchange with the trust and control of a DEX.

    Security: All balances are managed in a trusted execution environment. This prevents any third-party from accessing a trader’s digital assets.

    Privacy: The order matching engine is kept off-chain, which reduces the risk of frontrunning by other market participants.  

Discover how Integritee can unchain the value of sensitive data for your business!

Privacy Messenger Bridge

As users become increasingly aware of data privacy, encrypted messaging apps like Signal and Threema have exploded in popularity. In May 2021, it was reported that Telegram and Signal had achieved a 1,200% year-on-year increase in users. While it is great that so many people are placing greater value on their privacy, this has resulted in a fragmentation of messaging services.

The Challenge:
  • Users need to manage multiple incompatible privacy apps.

    It can be difficult to remember which app to use to message a particular contact.  

The Solution:
  • Convenient: Integritee could be used to create a secure bridge between privacy apps. This would mean that you could message contacts from a range of privacy services with one app.

    End-to-end encrypted: All interfacing with messaging APIs would be carried out within a trusted execution environment (TEE), making data inaccessible to any other actor.

    Verifiable: Thanks to the public auditability of Polkadot, end-users could verify that their data was only processed within a TEE and was therefore never accessible to a third-party in an unencrypted state.

Discover how Integritee can unchain the value of sensitive data for your business!
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