Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequent asked questions

TEE Question

What is trusted execution?
What are the security risks when using TEE?
What happens if Intel Attestation Services (IAS) go offline?
Can anyone run a sidechain TEE validator or offchain worker?
Why are you using Intel SGX?
Why don’t you use zero-knowledge proofs, multyparty computation or fully homomorphic encryption?

Scalability questions

What is an IntegriTEE sidechain?
How many validators do you need?
What is a shard?
How many sidechains can be deployed on IntegriTEE?
How many transactions per second (TPS) can IntegriTEE process?
How long will the sidechain’s block times be?

Interoperability questions

How does IntegriTEE integrate with enterprise services in the cloud?
How does IntegriTEE integrate with other Parachains?
How does IntegriTEE integrate with other Blockchains?

Confidentiality questions

Are sidechains GDPR-compliant?
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