Attesteer – Public auditability service

Verifiable integrity for confidential computing made transparent

As a provider of a (decentralized) application or service, you may want to keep certain information confidential and protect the security and privacy of user data by leveraging trusted execution environments (TEEs) — secure and isolated environments that prevent unauthorized access or modification of applications and data while they are in use.

But how can your users be sure that you really are processing their data in a genuine TEE according to pre-agreed criteria? The Integritee Attesteer service enables you to prove that you are protecting the integrity of user data by utilizing genuine TEE hardware and uncompromised code.


Why use Integritee Attesteer?

Verifiable integrity

The integrity of the data and processes running within TEEs is verified and registered on our public network, fostering transparency and user trust.

Ease of use

Automates attestation at the frequency of your choice and seamlessly integrates with your existing processes.


Attesteer can be used with any Intel SGX hardware. Support for ARM TrustZone, Keystone and other TEE hardware will be added in future updates.

Stable fees

Fees for Integritee’s remote attestation service are charged in TEER, our native cryptocurrency token, and are kept at a stable, competitive USD price, ensuring predictable costs.

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Confidential computing

In contrast to data at rest and data in transit, data in use is vulnerable because it needs to be decrypted during processing. TEEs protect applications and data in use by performing computations in a secure and isolated hardware environment. At Integritee, we currently use Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) technology.

Remote attestation

A crucial aspect of deploying software within a TEE is to verify the integrity and genuineness of the TEE hardware and the binary it is executing. This process is called remote attestation. Clients using Intel SGX can register with Intel and use its remote attestation service. It ensures that the software running within a TEE:

is inside an authenticated and genuine TEE hardware device.

is on a fully updated system at the latest security level.

has not been tampered
with and is unmodified.

Integritee Attesteer — Add public auditability to your services

Integritee Attesteer performs remote attestation on behalf of TEE users, removing the need to register with Intel. It delivers the proof of integrity provided by Intel and publishes the result of the remote attestation service on our public blockchain. This greatly broadens access, enabling any user to verify that the data service they are using is operating on a genuine TEE using unaltered code.

Integritee attesteer

Want to publicly verify the integrity of your TEEs and data processes?

Use cases

Any business that needs to process potentially sensitive data on behalf of clients or third parties can use Integritee Attesteer to prove that user data is being processed in a private and secure hardware environment. For instance, banking and insurance companies or KYC service providers could use Attesteer to build trust in their products and enable customers to verify that their sensitive data remains confidential and is only used in pre-agreed ways.

Alternatively, an industry association could collaborate to share business data, but only analyse it in pre-agreed ways to obtain industry-wide insights without allowing access to competitor data. By using Attesteer, all participants could verify that their data is being processed according to the agreement.

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Adopt the new gold standard in trust

Trust is good, but verification is better. Give your users and collaborators the peace of mind in knowing that you have taken extensive measures to protect the privacy and security of their data. Add the Integritee Attesteer service to your confidential processes today.


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