Integritee Ambassador Program

Passionate about user privacy, the decentralized web and Integritee? Contribute to Integritee and receive TEER token rewards.
Ambassador programm

Introducing the Integritee Ambassador Program

The Integritee Ambassador Program rewards our most engaged and active community members for their contributions with TEER tokens. Contributions could be anything that promotes the growth of the Integritee platform and the depth of the wider ecosystem. We are open to all contributions in the following areas:

Business Developers

Organizing collaborations with other projects and teams. Developing Integritee by creating new ecosystem integrations.

Community Developers

Inviting new members, supporting the community by responding to questions and posting information.

Education and Tech Docs

Creating technical documentation and explaining complex concepts with simple and accessible language.

Tech Developers

Building features on top of Integritee that are open-source and for the common good.

Content Developers

Creating articles, videos, explainers, or infographics ...

Your vision

Did we forget something? Pitch us your idea about how to develop Integritee. We’re open to new and creative ideas!

There will be a total of 40 ambassadors on the program and those who start contributing early on have the chance to receive the largest TEER token rewards. After you sign up, we will contact you for an introductory chat and once you complete a one-month induction period, you will be eligible for TEER token rewards. If you make really outstanding contributions, you can earn a higher rank or even become the Ambassador Program Coordinator.

Ready to help us build a new, decentralized web and to be rewarded for your contributions with TEER tokens?